VIP Charter Services



VIP Charter Services

Private aviation needs can vary from one sector to another. Golden Horus’ team of Private Aviation Advisors has expertise in chartering private jets for each of the industry sectors mentioned below. Solid knowledge of your industry allows us to better understand your needs and exceed your expectations. Golden Horus Aviation Group meets all your VIP Charter needs, whether business or leisure. Be at ease knowing that Golden Horus has you at heart.

Banking and finance – Commodities and trading Sports – Federations and teams


Your private plane rental can be adapted to your needs and tailored to match the purpose of your trip. Golden Horus’ Private Aviation Advisors have gained extensive expertise in sourcing private jets for each type of leisure travel mentioned below. We carefully listen to your preferences and travel details, determined to meet and exceed your expectations.

Family Travels -Weekend Getaways –  Events and Celebrations

“The more, the merrier”, can also be true for private flights. 

Flying larger groups of passengers is easy with Golden Horus, a leading aviation company. Our global team of experts is available round-the-clock and can help you access the aircraft most well suited to your plans and invitees: book your private jet charter with Golden Horus today.


Saving time means saving money. No one knows that better than our customers. That is why punctuality takes top priority for us – along with privacy, safety, and discretion. Flying with Golden Horus enables you to optimize your travel plans, giving you the flexibility and time that you can use for work or relaxation on board.


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VIP Charter Services

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