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Aviation Agency


 Our aviation students have many benefits which are all structured to support and carry them through their careers without any limitations or concerns. As long as you are our student your success is our priority. 

Benefits of studying under
Golden Horus Aviation Group

We are determined to keep our students hidden under the guardian wings of  Golden Horus, we maintain the safety and well-being of our students in order for them to not only enjoy their Aviation career but also focus on it enough to become a success.

Golden Horus gives you the freedom to choose from various internationally recognized aviation academies. We have made sure to only select the best in each airport.

GHA has a professional support and protection team on standby, who are ready to assist or represent students in any legal matters or disciplinary hearings. This team shall be available on a 24HR callout.

For extra student support, we have put consultants in place who will be available at all times if and when our students need them.

All students under Golden Horus will obtain Visa through the agency without any hassles.

Wondering How To Study Under Golden Horus?

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When you sign with Golden Horus Aviation Group, You Get A 24/7 Support Team To Assist You And Ease Your Application And Stay Through Your Entire Studies. Ensuring Your Flexibility To The Day You Become A Pilot. 

Benefit From A Wide Range Of Opportunities.



What Our Former Students Say

“Wow studying for my Commercial Pilot License was stress-free with Golden Horus on my side, trust me they do make everything so easy for the students to focus on their studies. I loved every moment of my course”

Mohamed Salem

Qualified Commercial Pilot

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